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2018 Resolution: Two Essential Steps to Better Skin

It's a fact us guys have been focusing more on our skin and, because of that, the men's skincare market is booming. I see this surge everyday and it’s for a good reason. Whether it is to please their partner, or the desire to improve one’s appearance, and maybe it’s because we care about our health but this skin care focus is happening. 

Like myself years ago, many guys don't know where to start with skin health and might find it too confusing with the hundreds of choices being promoted at us every day. Since that time, I have found that there are two simple tips that went a long way towards improving my skin. Men, if you do NOTHING else in 2017, just remember my two suggestions toward a better looking (and feeling) you. And, yes, observing these tips means you can skip the gym, eat as many pizzas as you want and still binge on crappy TV. 

First, I’ve been analyzing industry advice on skincare for men (and women) and I find that the number one piece of advice for men is to exfoliate. You don't have to remember how to spell the word E-X-F-O-L-I-A-T-E, you just have to do it. You see, men's skin is thicker than women's and requires different products that are designed just for us. We don't need to exfoliate every day, but I shoot for every other day (before shaving) with a fine scrubbing product. Exfoliation will remove blackheads (gross), prevent razor burn (hooray) and reduce ingrown hairs (ouch). If that wasn't enough, exfoliating can even out your complexion and improve the overall appearance of your skin. Remember, your face is your fortune, so why not invest in it?

Second, ingredients matter. If you use artificial and synthetic ingredients on your skin, you are not only potentially harming your skin (which may not be readily apparent), but you are definitely harming the environment. Artificial and synthetic ingredients are efficient and sometimes effective, but they add unnecessary and damaging cost to our environment. Specifically, everything you put on your skin gets washed down the shower or sink drain and enters our water supply, including water supplied to the farms that fuel our insides. Most of these ingredients never break down and water treatment plants are not designed to remove these chemicals. To the contrary, natural ingredients enter our water supply and easily break down and thus eliminating potential negative effects for our environment. It doesn’t make any sense to use artificial or synthetic counterparts when natural substitutes are as effective (if not more effective).  It’s like drinking decaf coffee that’s had synthetic caffeine added.  Why would you drink it?

Luckily, there ‘s one product that kills two resolution birds with one natural stone: Raw Materials Skin Grit. Yes, yes, yes, I know. How self-serving of myself to recommend my own product. But, it's true. Skin Grit is the best exfoliant available today and my team and I’ve tried most of them.  Instead of using plastic beads as the scrubbing agents (which by the way were recently OUTLAWED in the United States and the United Kingdom because they damage our water supply), Skin Grit uses finely crushed walnut shells and jojoba beads, among other natural ingredients. I give you my personal guarantee that using Skin Grit two-to-three times per week will greatly improve your complexion. If not, I promise to give your money back - it's my unconditional guarantee. Don't believe me? Read some reviewsbefore buying. 

Once you're done, head on over to and purchase your Skin Grit. 2018 is around the corner.