The team at Raw Materials came together for one purpose - to make the most effective, natural skincare and grooming products that are purpose-driven, yet uncomplicated. Our diverse backgrounds in skincare, men’s grooming, technology, marketing and conservation serve to unite us in this singular purpose. And, we deliver on this purpose while honoring and respecting the planet and all its inhabitants - without harm to the environment, animals or humans. With this as our foundation, the Raw Materials team promises to deliver skincare and grooming products that are: 

Effective. Our products live up to the claims that we make about them. In fact, we strive for each product to exceed your expectations, so we are constantly refining our products to ensure that they remain the best skincare and grooming products on the market. If you don't think we've lived up to this, let us know, and we will give you your money back. No questions asked. 

Natural. We leverage the best natural, sustainable ingredients from the earth to formulate our products. And, we are transparent about the ingredients that we use and their effects. We never use artificial or synthetic ingredients to achieve desired efficacy or to prolong the shelf life of any product. We've even been recognized by Men's Journal for our Skin Grit.

Uncomplicated. From the ingredients that we use to the application on your body, our products are straight forward and easy to understand. There are no tricks and no gimmicks. You don't need any instructions or a background in the skincare industry to achieve the desired efficacy with our products.

Purpose-Driven. Each one of our products has been formulated to meet a specific purpose. While our products may be used by anyone at any time, they have been designed for active lifestyles, including weekend warriors, athletes and the guy (or gal) on the go. 

These are our core values and our promise to you. But Raw Materials stands for so much more. Our environmental consciousness goes beyond just our sourcing to include all aspects of our company. For example, other than the co-located warehouse space where our products are stored and shipped, we operate with a 100% distributed workforce, and we do not occupy any office space or real estate anywhere. Our products are produced using minimal, sustainable packaging to be as eco-friendly as possible. And, we are 100% cruelty free - we never, ever, test on man’s best friend or even nature’s biggest pests. This commitment to our planet and all its inhabitants is resolute!